Articles from September 2011

Arduinode Experiments: Server Load

It's been a while since I've made any Arduino & node.js mashups so decided to address that this week. I've always wanted to use Arduino to visualise in a very tangible way some form of data from a computer - be it data from a website, disk usage, or - as in this case - system load.

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If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed just over a week or so ago I managed to break my own website - in fact, I managed to break an entire server by attempting to profile the speed differences between a standard wordpress install (which this site ran on until today) and a site running on the jaoss framework.

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Setting up and securing a phpMyAdmin install on Ubuntu 10.04

Last time out we looked at setting up a LAMP server ready to start developing dynamic websites, without really going into much detail beyond the absolute basics. Day to day web development on a LAMP stack by and large ignores the LA and concentrates on the MP - so let's have a look at getting one of the more common ways of accessing MySQL set up on a newly prepared server.

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