Articles from January 2012

Combining AJAX, pushState and CSS3 transitions

I've never been entirely satisfied with the colour scheme used on this site—when rebuilding it I could never decide on a theme I was happy with but in the end settled on the deep-purplish colour you'll now only see on the home page. I've often mused about having a different theme per section but never found a good enough reason to do it until recently, when I decided to learn a little more about CSS3 transitions and HTML5 pushState, with a specific idea in mind of how I wanted to apply them to the site.

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Domain name retention and why I ditched 123-reg

On the 25th October 2011 I accidentally let two domains, and expire. I was aware they were due for renewal but do occasionally lose track of which domains are set to auto-renew and which aren't, given that I usually have 50–60 at any one time registered with 123-reg. This article isn't a dig at their control panel—though it is frustratingly opaque at times—but either way, the domains expired. My bad. It's happened before, and it'll happen again, and the usual course of action (until now) has been to renew the affected domains as usual during a “grace period” in which the domain has technically expired but the registrar offers the usual renewal process (and price) to the owner.

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