My year in Git

2012 has been a busy year for me both in terms of client / private work and open source projects. The beauty of the work I do is that the vast majority of it somehow makes its way into Git, which means amongst other things I can generate graphs like these, showing my entire Git commit history over the course of 2012:

Yes, it’s slightly self-indulgent, but the statto inside me loves this sort of thing. The above chart is—fittingly, I suppose—generated by an open source project I started right at the beginning of this year and haven’t worked on since: The Git(hub) Effort Aggregator. As with the vast majority of my open source work it’s an idea I’d love to pursue properly but can’t quite give it the attention it deserves—you can see for yourself in the chart above the tiny chunk of GEA green in January and February and nothing since (the huge swathes of green later in the year are for a client project—highcharts cycles its available colours a little too quickly for my liking). Of course, if you can stomach your way through the very rough & ready code then you too can generate graphs based on your Git activity similar to the above by cloning the project—but no promises it’ll work!

Git(hub) activity

A quick comparison of the project list above versus my Github profile page shows two things:

  1. I’ve worked on a lot of my open source projects this year…
  2. …but the vast majority of actual work (commits) has gone into client / private work

Both of which are I suppose what you’d expect to see—lots of thinly spread open source work and very highly concentrated bursts on client projects (and faavorite). The lull between July–September corresponds with a period of working with a client’s Subversion repository followed by a brief holiday.

Some stats

3,288 total number of commits I’ve made so far in 2012.

437 most commits in a calendar month. You can blame faavorite for that!

274 average number of commits each month.

9.3 average number of commits every day—including weekends and holidays—since 1st January 2012.

The future…

2012 really has been a manic year in terms of the various websites, apps and hair-brained experiments I’ve built. I’d be genuinely amazed if I end up doing more work in 2013 (since this year was pretty saturated), but I suppose you never know— it’s a small challenge to get started with in January if nothing else.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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