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Arduinode Experiments: Server Load

It's been a while since I've made any Arduino & node.js mashups so decided to address that this week. I've always wanted to use Arduino to visualise in a very tangible way some form of data from a computer - be it data from a website, disk usage, or - as in this case - system load.

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Making A Wireless Arduino Game

I finally got round to ordering some wireless bits for my Arduino collection recently - specifically two XBee Series 2.5 radios and two XBee shields (for easy solderless mounting). They've sat neglected for a few days until this afternoon when I finally managed to think of something to do with them.

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If you’ve got even a vague ear to the technology ground you’ll doubtless have heard of Ryan Dahl’s fantastic node.js – and if you’re a keen developer the chances are you’ve dabbled with it too.

If you’re a particularly intrepid soul, you might also have heard of Arduino: a vast array of cool hardware (motors, sensors, servos, LEDs, etc) you can program with easy to use software (based on C++).

So then, what happens when you take the current darling of the software world and mash it together with the de facto entry point into hardware hacking?

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