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Lessons learned from a popular open source project

Since its release in late 2011, Bootbox.js has grown to become by far the most popular open source repository I have on GitHub with over 1,150 ‘stargazers’ (formerly watchers) and over 200 forks. Let’s put this in perspective immediately: such numbers are a drop in the ocean and are in no small part due to the explosive popularity of Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, but they do provide enough of a critical mass—and a community—whereby it becomes important to keep things in order. This article discusses a few things I’ve learnt in the past year and a half which make managing the project that little bit easier.

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My year in Git

A very quick look back at my year in Git commits, with a pretty chart.

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Disable HTML5 form validation with novalidate

One of the most useful things the HTML5 doctype provides developers is the ability to validate form inputs ‘inline’—validation performed by a user’s browser, with no reliance on JavaScript and to the W3C standard. This article isn’t about how to wield the new types: plenty of people have done an excellent job of that already. Instead, we’re going to take a brief look at how to disable this validation on an ad-hoc basis when we want to test our server side validation logic.

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Server side Gists with PHP and Smarty

The introduction of PJAX & CSS3 page loads on this site back in January was on the whole a smooth and pleasant learning experience—though admittedly not without a few (largely unexpected) bumps in the road. The last of those was the issue of embedded gists not displaying when a page was loaded asynchronously, which like all good bugs it only reared its ugly head at the 11th hour after the PJAX logic had been deployed—meaning a quick fix was called for. This article discusses that fix, still in place (ahem) nearly two months later…

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Bootbox 2.0.0

The arrival of Twitter's second major version of Bootstrap heralds a new release of Bootbox, a simple JavaScript library I wrote back in November last year to programatically leverage Bootstrap's modal functionality. Shadowing Twitter's release like this is somewhat inevitable—their 2.0 branch is not compatible with older 1.x releases, so by upgrading Bootbox's dependency it too automatically becomes incompatible with older versions.

The upgrade process from 1.1.2→2.0.0 is pretty straightforward: this article explains the major changes, discusses some new dependencies and introduces some minor additional functionality.

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Combining AJAX, pushState and CSS3 transitions

I've never been entirely satisfied with the colour scheme used on this site—when rebuilding it I could never decide on a theme I was happy with but in the end settled on the deep-purplish colour you'll now only see on the home page. I've often mused about having a different theme per section but never found a good enough reason to do it until recently, when I decided to learn a little more about CSS3 transitions and HTML5 pushState, with a specific idea in mind of how I wanted to apply them to the site.

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Three months ago was relaunched on a completely bespoke hand-written platform, replacing a stop-gap Wordpress site. It's the perfect time of year for a bit of reflection, so I thought I'd write up how the site has evolved in the time since its launch. It's a bit of a self-indulgent, stat-heavy and technical affair, so if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea then feel free to enjoy something more useful instead.

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Nodeflakes - real time tweet powered snowflakes

The snowflakes you can hopefully see gently floating down your screen are real-time representations of tweets, taken live from Twitter's Streaming API. The size of each flake is loosely based on the author's follower count, and hovering over each flake will reveal the tweet it represents complete with highlighted hashtags, usernames and URLs.

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Bootbox.js - alert, confirm and flexible dialogs for twitter's bootstrap framework

I’ve been using twitter's bootstrap framework for a number of site builds recently, mainly because it gets me from black-and-white markup to vaguely-presentable websites in a very small amount of time. Version 1.3 introduced some JavaScript plugins to complement the array of stylistic elements it already provided - notably code to invoke dialog boxes, or modals.

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Arduinode Experiments: Server Load

It's been a while since I've made any Arduino & node.js mashups so decided to address that this week. I've always wanted to use Arduino to visualise in a very tangible way some form of data from a computer - be it data from a website, disk usage, or - as in this case - system load.

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Making A Wireless Arduino Game

I finally got round to ordering some wireless bits for my Arduino collection recently - specifically two XBee Series 2.5 radios and two XBee shields (for easy solderless mounting). They've sat neglected for a few days until this afternoon when I finally managed to think of something to do with them.

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If you’ve got even a vague ear to the technology ground you’ll doubtless have heard of Ryan Dahl’s fantastic node.js – and if you’re a keen developer the chances are you’ve dabbled with it too.

If you’re a particularly intrepid soul, you might also have heard of Arduino: a vast array of cool hardware (motors, sensors, servos, LEDs, etc) you can program with easy to use software (based on C++).

So then, what happens when you take the current darling of the software world and mash it together with the de facto entry point into hardware hacking?

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GitHub Issues - Reloaded

Whilst GitHub is an undeniably fantastic resource for both open and closed-source development, it only offers a fairly simplistic issue tracker.

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