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Nodeflakes analysis using StatsD and Graphite

This year's nodeflakes demo has just been decommissioned after running for a little over a month. The number of Christmas related tweets drops dramatically after a certain date in December (you don't need to read this article to guess which one) but given that I started it a little after December 1st I wanted to collect at least a month's worth of information in Graphite before winding things down.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… nodeflakes! (Again)

See nodeflakes in action!

It's hard to believe the original Nodeflakes Christmas demo was launched just over a year ago—time certainly flies when you're having fun (or at least when you're busy). Christmas hacks are always good fun and usually well received so I wanted to make sure I managed to get something out this year too. Unfortunately a combination of too much work and not enough imagination (probably more of the latter) meant that December 1st 2012 came and went and I'd not started thinking about anything, let alone building anything.

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