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Disable HTML5 form validation with novalidate

One of the most useful things the HTML5 doctype provides developers is the ability to validate form inputs ‘inline’—validation performed by a user’s browser, with no reliance on JavaScript and to the W3C standard. This article isn’t about how to wield the new types: plenty of people have done an excellent job of that already. Instead, we’re going to take a brief look at how to disable this validation on an ad-hoc basis when we want to test our server side validation logic.

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Combining AJAX, pushState and CSS3 transitions

I've never been entirely satisfied with the colour scheme used on this site—when rebuilding it I could never decide on a theme I was happy with but in the end settled on the deep-purplish colour you'll now only see on the home page. I've often mused about having a different theme per section but never found a good enough reason to do it until recently, when I decided to learn a little more about CSS3 transitions and HTML5 pushState, with a specific idea in mind of how I wanted to apply them to the site.

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