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Lessons learned from a popular open source project

Since its release in late 2011, Bootbox.js has grown to become by far the most popular open source repository I have on GitHub with over 1,150 ‘stargazers’ (formerly watchers) and over 200 forks. Let’s put this in perspective immediately: such numbers are a drop in the ocean and are in no small part due to the explosive popularity of Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, but they do provide enough of a critical mass—and a community—whereby it becomes important to keep things in order. This article discusses a few things I’ve learnt in the past year and a half which make managing the project that little bit easier.

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An introduction to Git submodules

Git is a fantastic version control system but for many people following the common migration from Subversion it can appear to lack something SVN did reasonably well: externals. However, Git does have an equivalent - in fact, a superior implementation: submodules.

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