Professional Services

The following list of professional services is by no means exhaustive; please get in touch if you have a project which doesn’t quite fit any of the following descriptions.

Website Development

Everything from small microsites to high-traffic, load-balanced systems all built bespoke on the open source jaoss framework, covered by automated tests and securely & automatically deployed by a Continuous Integration server. Bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean expensive—especially with years’ worth of reusable modules including a fully functional CMS—but it does mean fast, flexible and perfectly tailored to the job at hand.

Whilst I do usually work with my own battle-hardened PHP framework which has been in active, open source development for three and a half years, I am happy to work with a variety of systems and languages depending on requirements.

Web Application Development

Web applications are typically more focused around allowing users to perform actions rather than simply deliver content (think Twitter, Facebook, Gmail et al) and consequently usually benefit far more from bespoke development built to solve their individual requirements. The server-side logic is often more complex than a typical website and as such the benefits of Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and automated deployment—all offered as part of the service—are enormous.

Automated Testing Consultancy

Every project I build is covered by its own comprehensive automated test suite. The core jaoss library has a base of 300 tests and it is not uncommon for each project which uses it to end up with well over 1,000 tests in total, ranging from small ‘unit’ tests to end-to-end, ‘full-stack’ tests which test user journeys using state-of-the-art tools to ensure that each application is incredibly robust.

Whilst the actual implementation of automated testing is not a service I offer per-se, it is something I am incredibly passionate about and am always happy to discuss on a case-by-case basis.

API Development

Modern web applications often end up needing to expose a web-based API for their users to consume, and without due consideration the development of an API can be a time-consuming, error-prone process which can all too easily slip out-of-sync with the underlying application it serves. I have years of experience of both API consumption and development and can provide advice or implementation of best-practice API designs.

Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP consultancy

  • Full UNIX server set up and maintenance including cloud server configuration
  • Apache set up and maintenance (Virtual Hosts, SSL certificates, module set up etc)
  • Robust, reusable and highly tuned PHP & MySQL

Continuous Integration set up & consultancy

I can provide the build and set up of a Jenkins server, the world’s leading Continuous Integration server, which can be configured to suit your company’s development and deployment process or implement one if it does not formally exist. Continuous Integration in combination with automated testing is an industry standard mechanism for improving the quality and reliability of software development.

If you’re interested in hearing any more, then please feel free to get in touch!