About Nick Payne & Payne Digital Ltd

With a BSc Honours degree in Software Engineering my primary skills lie in a range of programming languages—notably PHP, JavaScript (often via CoffeeScript), Objective C and less recently C++ and Java, as demonstrated by my open sourced projects on GitHub. I’ve configured, used & tuned many data stores commonly associated with these languages: namely MySQL, MongoDB and more recently Redis. I have many years’ experience administering unix-like systems from dedicated source-control servers, all-in-one LAMP stacks and dedicated load-balanced clusters.

In typical web parlance I am a ‘backend’ developer though the distinction between front and back end is not one I am fond of; this website itself involves a number of best-practice ‘frontend’ techniques such as use of Sass, HTML5 APIs, CSS3, Responsive Design and a sprinkling of progressive enhancement using JavaScript—none of which conform to traditional ‘backend’ expectations, though none of which would make me consider myself a frontend developer.

I have a passionate interest in the ‘Real-time web’, in particular how it can be leveraged in tandem with HTML5 and associated technologies to make immersive online multiplayer games using only a user’s browser. I am also a fervent supporter of open source software having contributed to numerous projects and having a diverse portfolio of my own work online.

Payne Digital Ltd was founded in 2010 after deciding to leave my position as Lead Developer of a well respected digital agency in Leeds in search of a fresh challenge. It serves as a professional outlet for work which I would still be doing even if it was just a hobby.

Please see a thorough list of services for more information, or by all means get in touch if you’d like to speak to me directly.